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Our facilities located in Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada are equipped with up-to-date machinery and equipment capable of handling all your fabricating needs, from Stainless steel plate, pipe & tubing of Carbon steel plate, structural steel & pipe, only to mention a few. We are capable of many custom fabrication requirements.

Production Capabilities

Manufacturing Facility

We currently have 98,000 square feet of production and warehouse area which is located in the Niagara Region with direct access to Canadian and U.S. markets

Manufacturing Equipment

  • Cutting Equipment: Flame Cutting, Plasma Cutting, Shear & Power Saws
  • Forming Equipment: Rolls, Brakes, Flanging Machine & Angle Rolls
  • Machining Equipment: Horizontal & Vertical boring mills, Lathes, Drill Presses & Key Seater
  • Turning Rolls: 5/8” x 144” wide & 3/16 x 60” wide
  • Weld Positioners: 100# : – 4000#
  • Other Equipment: Mobile Cranes, Portable Welders, Flat Bed & Tractor Trailer Trucks


Welding is a key component to the success of Oskam Steel, with processes that include SMAW, GMAW, FCAW, GTAW, with Canadian Welding Bureau, American Welding Association, Technical Safety Standards Authority (TSSA – high pressure welding) and ASME/PED.

  • Number of qualified CWB Welders: 45
  • Number of qualified ASME Code Welders: 30
  • With certified welding procedures for all types and processes from carbon, stainless, hastelloy, titanium, and others.

Quality Control & Testing

Our ISO 9001 quality management system is testimony to the commitment and dedication of all Oskam employees.

  • National NDT Certification for Liquid Penetrant Testing, and Magnetic Particle Testing
  • Number of Full Time Certified Welding Inspectors: 6

Painting & Blasting

We recently expanded our Painting & Blasting Facilities:

  • Blasting Facility Blasting 26’x 70’ indoor vented
  • Painting Facility Painting 25’x 60’ indoor vented

For more capabilities, visit our facility in Buffalo, NY